Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Help needed

Assalamu `alaikom

When I try to do embed subtitles with DivxLand Media Subtitler it's giving me a "VirtualDub Error" : can't open script file. Can someone help, please?

Can someone send the scripts as well?

Jazakom ullah kol kheir

Monday, August 20, 2007

How did you convert? translated link updated

alslam alykom

PLZ update the link for "how did I convert /arabic " as


alslam alykom

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hmmm, how come?

Assalamu `alaikom

I just saw the first Reminder video in Arabic, but I noticed it wasn't uploaded on UFsubtitles. I was wondering how come? I think all translations done by the team should be on the UFsubtitles.
Are there difficulties doing so, or is it just temporary?

Saturday, August 11, 2007

scripts needed

salam all,
i'm working on "how did u convert to islam" & "that's not hijab" in arabic..as the script we got by email is little different from wht is in the video, i listened to the videos to modified the changes, but i'm missing some words, then i noticed that those videos were translated to other languages so who worked on it can u send the scripts plzz

Friday, August 10, 2007

Next quiz

1- Is there a correlation between calamities and disobedience to Allah?a- there is no correlation at allb- there is 100% correlationc- there is a correlation but no all the times
2- Which surah does not start with saying bismillah?a- Alhazaabb- Alanfaalc- Attaoubah
3- Which of the following is not mentioned in the Quran?a- mulesb- spidersc- scorpions
4- What is the name of Abubakr?a- Abudullaahb- Aaleemc- Toufil
5- If a person mistakenly prays zuher before its time,a- he must repeat the salaatb- he does not have to repeat itc- only if he finds out in the time of zuher, he must repeat it
6- If my statement conflicts with the hadeeth ignore my statement and follow the hadeeth, who said it?a- Imam Abu hanifa ,and malikb- Imam ash-shaafqi and ibn hanbalc- All of the above
7- Which salaat is equal to giving charity for every bone in your body?a- salaat alfajerb- salaat alaserc- salaat ad-duha,
Again ansewars go to COMMENTS

i need the "arrogant people" script

Asalamu aleikum!!!

Could you send me the script of "arrogant people" to translate it into russian, please.

Many thanks

with sister love and respect
Katya Gul

Thursday, August 09, 2007

need these scripts please ...

Assalamu aleikom,

Insha Allah i am translating the scripts into romanian and i would be gratefull if someone will help me and send me the scripts for :

- Pursuit of Cleanliness
- The Parent Negotiations
- Ramadan Reruns
- Arrogant People
- That's not Hijab
- Seasonal Muslims
- Who Hijacked Islam??!
- Muslim while flying

my email address is mihaela.eid@gmail.com

Alhamdulillah for Islam!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Downloading Reminder videos

Use Firefox browser to download the reminder videos if you want to subtitle them. It’s easier to use Firefox.

1.Right click on the video title.
2.Click open in New Window.
3.Copy the URL and past it on Fire Fox browser.
4.Hit enter and save to any location you want.
5.Export the video file to subtitling software

Sunday, August 05, 2007

russian translation

Asalamu aleikum!

Could you please send me the script of "Pursuit of cleanliness" to translate it into russian.

Many thanks

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Need help : issues while subtitling (English) using DivX


If someone can help me with the current problem I am facing, it would be great :

I went ahead and added the subtitles to the video "$25k Muslim weddings" in the DivX subtitles software.

I can now see the subtitles appearing along with the video only in the "preview" mode.

I dont know how to make the subtitles play automatically when i start the video (*.avi file) and the next steps from there.

Can anyone please help me with this?


Friday, August 03, 2007

The Haram Police script. :)

The Haram Police

Have you ever come across people who find faults in everyone but themselves?

Who spend more time trying to correct others rather than themselves?

Instead of giving you the benefit of the doubt

they only assume the worst of you

They walk around trying to look for the haram.

I call them “The Haram Police”

What is happening here brother?

Who is this girl?


Errr what are you talking about bro?

Don’t play the games with me brother. Don’t play the games.


I said haram, haraMM , HARAMMM!

Okay, I think there’s a misunderstanding here. This is my sister.

Your sister in Islam is not the same as your blood sister brother. HARAMMMM

She IS my blood sister.


What are you eating brother?

It’s a crispy treat.

Kereespee treat??? KEREESPEE treaTTT??? Haram, haraMM, HARRRAMMM!

It’s Halal bro.

Oh, halal kereespee treat?

Why look so angry bro? You know it’s sunnah to smile.

That’s your smile?

Errr, okay.

Isn’t it amazing how people spend so much time assuming the worst in others?

Once again, instead of giving you the benefit of the doubt,

they make accusations without evidence.

We should try and make as many excuses as possible before accusing of others of ill-doing.

Reminds me a story of two people meeting in fajr time.

One was returning from prayer

while the other was returning from a night of shameful activities.

Both of them look at each other, assuming that the other was spending the night as they themselves had.

Makes you think if we suspect I’ll of others,

maybe because that very illness is within ourselves.

The truly pious are the ones who see the best in everyone

while they consider themselves the worst.

because when you can see yourself the worst then you can't feel superior over anyone.

You see, we all see people doing something wrong at one point,

But the way you correct them makes a huge impact on the way they perceive you.

What’s sad is how some people tried to correct others by humiliating them.

Hey mann, what’s wrong with you? Don’t you know that’s haram? Hey guys, this guy has no idea what haram isss man.

Errr.. I didn’t know.

How could you not know man? How could you not know? Everyone knows man. What’s wrong with you?

I didn’t know. Did you know?

Yeahhh, of course.

You see when you make fun of someone or you tried to talk down upon them,

it doesn’t work.

Actually it could be a sign of arrogance. Allahua’lam.

Others, they like to get all emotional.


But is all this drama even necessary?

Reminds me of a story of a man who walked into a masjid and started urinating.

The companions of the Prophet SAW (pbuh) saw it and they were about to jump him.

But the Prophet SAW (pbuh) stopped them and told them to let him finish.

Once the man finished, He asked someone to wash the area with water and then he took the man to the side and told him that this is not the place for this.

The way He told him made a huge impact; made a huge difference.

SubhanAllah, the man later became a Muslim.

It’s a lesson from all of us but yet we tend to forget.

So, if you see someone doing something wrong, correct them but do it in a right way. Sometimes, it’s best to take them to the side and talk to them.

Finally, there’s those people on the internet who may have good intentions,

but they have no qualifications!

You know who I’m talking about.

Sometimes, those people who’re on the internet who thinks they’re scholars,

but they’are not scholars.

Actually, they have no qualifications but they do have access to the internet and a keyboard

So many times I see a question being posted in a forum regarding if something is haram or not,

Only to get one of these young kids to say, “in my opinion, I think it’s haram because I feel…”

“In my opinion, I feel”??? What?! Are you kidding me???

Where all your self proclaim internet scholars come from?

First of all, the rulings of Islam is not base on what you feel is haram or halal.

Second, copying and pasting a hadith and translating it to English from some unknown website; a hadith where noone has heard before is not enough for you to come up with the ruling.

Finally, one needs to be qualified to give a ruling.

You just don’t walk into a hospital and start practicing medicine.

Helloo, it looks like we got ourselves a broken leg over here. You mind if I take a quick look at this? Don’t worry I’m a professional.


My leg, I think the problem is with my leg.

What we’re going to do is usually they give you like medicine or medication but at this time I’m gonna prescribe some Persian Sush kebab.

Excuse me doctor, but what does a Persian food have to do with my leg?

It doesn’t really do much but it taste much better than medicine. So, here you go.

I…what does it have to do with my leg??

All this doctor stuff is making me hungry. You mind if I place an order? Does this work?

Are you even a doctor? Nurse! Nurse!
If you want to be a doctor, you go to school first to get your qualifications.

It’s the same thing when it comes to Islamic rulings; you have to have knowledge and to be qualified.

Otherwise, if you walk around the hospital giving people advice

you can actually do more harm than good.

Plus, your opinion doesn’t count.

Because you’re not a doctor!

It’s the same thing when it comes down to Islam.

Let me give you an example.

If you ever watch my videos, you’d have probably noticed that there’s a small gap between two my teeth.

I’m going to tell you a story of how that happened.

When I was a kid, a dentist pulled out my tooth thinking it was a baby tooth.

It wasn’t a baby tooth.

His careless mistake ended up making an impact on my life.

Alhamdullillah I’ve been fortunate enough to work on many successful projects.

And I realized that all this success is nothing more than a test for me.

So I keep his mistake as a reminder for myself

So I will remember that no matter how successful I become,

I have faults like everyone else.

And there’s always room for improvement.

And if I may ever were in a position where people are listening to me

then I should be careful speaking without knowledge.

Because my actions can impact someone else.

I’m not a scholar and nor am I going to pretend to be one.

But rather these videos are nothing more reminders

to remind everyone, starting with my self.

This is Ali reminding you just in case you forgot.

This is Ali reminding you just in case you forgot.

russian translation

Asalamu aleikum!

I'm done with my first translation "why Islam", elhamdulillah!

Can i get a new script in the blog (attached file didn't work)? I'd like to translate "Haram Police".

many thanks

with sister love and respect
Katya Gul

finding a spouse online text

Back in the good old days, you'd find your future spouse via friends, family, Islamic conferences etc.
But these days, more and more people are finding themselves online to find their future husbands and wives.
The World Wide Web, you can meet anyone any place, anywhere, any time. Come to our website, sign up!
Yes free trial offer. Look at his pictures, search by photos only. Thank you very much.
If you do decide to go this route there are some precautions that you should be aware of.
What do you mean precautions?
I mean red flags.
What do you mean red flags?
Red flags my friends; these are things that you should watch out for Tips once again to help you when you find people online.
Tip number one; ask questions to determine what the other person is expecting.
I guess let’s start off we can start by asking each other questions... and if you want you can go first.
... Yah I'm a citizen.
She wants to find out if I'm a citizen. Red flag number one.
Ok my turn... so what are you looking for?
A great car?
Tip number two; try to find out why she wants to get married.
Ok, so what do your parents think about you getting married?
... They don't know? ... Don't you think you should tell them?
What do you mean you’re running away?
Running away!
Tip number three; find out what her friends think of her.
If you had to ask your friends one word to describe you in one word, what would that word be?
HAHA psycho! No seriously.
You are serious?
Psycho HAHA no Big red flag!! BIG red flag.
Tip number four; make sure the sister is single.
But you know what; I think you should wait for the whole divorce process to go through before you start talking to people because I don't think this is right.
This is what you get with the internet.
So where is he now? In jail?!? For what? MURDER?!?
Murder! Murder! Three words of advice Dis-Co-Nect! Disconnect!
Hold on, hold on. You know what? Do you hear that? (Crinkling paper) Yah it's... I think it's on my end of the phone, I think we need to disconnect this call.
Tip number five; try to find out if your personalities match.
There’s a point of being shy and quiet, and there's too quiet.
Yah you mentioned you were quiet, but uhh... this is like really quiet. Are you still there?
You know I can hear you breathing.
And of course there's the opposite type of person, the person who is too talkative.
I'm .....uh-huh... uh-huh.... yah but it’s... yah but I....but... ok...
The type of person that won't let you talk, not even a word, all you can say is Salam alikum and the last thing you hear is a click.
Yah, you know what I'm talking about.
Just.... no no ....
Tip number six; be sure that she is not a stalker!
You're watching me? HAHAHA ... What? Ok then, what am I wearing?
At this point you should be very afraid.
If the person watching you is outside your window, this is a huge red flag.
Nooooo way. Run! Run bro! Run!
Actually call 911 and then run.
Tip number seven; try to find out when she wants to have kids.
So I was just wondering; when do you want to have kids?
You already have kids?
Your kids have kids??
Big uhh-ohh
How old are you?

A program, script request & a problem

Assalamu `alaikom all,

1st: Here's a program that downloads Youtube videos in .avi or .mpeg
just download the program, set it up and then copy the Youtube video's url and paste it into the program and click download.

These are two links for the same program just in case one doesn't work


2nd: I'd like to start translating Ramadan Reruns into Arabic and I've got two questions regarding it
1. Has anyone started translating it?
2. If not, can someone send me the English script please?
If I can get all the English scripts, I'd be very grateful. :)

3rd: I've tried the Subtitle Workshop to get the hang of it before I start real work with it, so I started translating one of the videos but I had a problem:
When I wrote the Arabic text in the translation box it appeared ok, but when I set the Arabic to be the subtitles for the video instead of English it came out as gibberish. Does anyone know how I can change that?
PS: when I choose Arabic as the program's language it shows up fine, it's only when the Arabic is in the video that it's gibberish.

Jazakum ullah kol khair

Thursday, August 02, 2007

upload? scripts I've finished and working on....

Where are we supposed to upload scripts? I've written them for why islam, $25,000 weddings, and am working on Online spouse (which I was told was corrupted). I've just been sending them to the info email when finished. I downloaded the program to place the scripts as subtitles and sent the srt files as well for the first 2 above. Please read over and see if the script is ok for $25,000 weddings. Maybe we can have some permanant links for the sites that convert the you tube videos, the subtitling software and instructions for how to proceed (where to send/upload finished work). Maybe this has already been discused one or multiple times, but if it were permanant somewhere on the page people wouldn't have to go back and try to find the info in old posts. Thanks and salam alikum.

$25,000 Weddings
Salam alikum my dear respected brothers and sisters in Islam.The high cost of marriage is causing many young couples to wait several years before they can marry. We live in a society where the haram is easy while many of our parents make the halal hard. Now why you gotta make it hard?Many parents today expect extravagant weddings while they put their kids into nothing but debt.Did you know that the average cost of a wedding is $25,000 dollars?Not only that but....Wait! Did you say $25,000?!?Rewind the tape...... (garbled sound)(slow motion) twenty-five thousand dollars.That's what I thought you said. Wow, that's a lot of money!That's $6250 per hour, $104 per minute, $1.73 per second.$1.73 per second?Yes, by the time I finish this sentence, you have now paid $10!AHHHHHHHHH!Most of us are in our 20's when we're trying to get married. Barely getting out of school.Just starting our careers.Trying to pay off college expenses.And you want us to jump into this $25,000 hole?How's that for a marriage gift?This is for us?? Thank you. (reading) Congratulations you are in debt for $25,000. Thank you. (stop reading) What?!?JOKEJOKEBy the time I save up this money, I'll be in my 30's, and then society teaches us to wait, have fun when we get married and wait till we get a little bit older to have kids. What, am I supposed to wait till I'm 40 before I start having kids?By the time my kid is 10 years old, I'm 50! I'm an old man.Let's go play soccer grandpa!I'm not your grandpa, I'm your dad. Whatever happened to getting married when we're young?Protecting us from temptations?And back to the $25,000 thing, Where am I supposed to get $25,000 from?Hey bro, we're not even talking about the dowry yet, we're just talking about the wedding day.Here's a reality check for you. If the parents expect you to spend $25,000 on the wedding, imagine how much they're going to expect you to spend on the dowry. HAHAHAHA(spitting sound)But it's a special day and you're going to remember it for your entire life. First off, the whole wedding thing is not a day. It lasts only a few hours. Second, yah I'm going to remember this cause I'm going to be paying for it for the rest of my life. For those who have never attended one of those fancy weddings, let me break it down for you so I can tell you what you're missing. Imagine sitting alone at a table in a fancy hall, wondering where everyone is. Quickly learning that you're the last person to figure out that putting 6pm on the invitation really means 7pm.Getting dressed up in uncomfortable clothes, sitting in a huge hall and saying, wow this must be expensive. Getting free refills of soda, (Ahhh) eating fancy food, staring at the wedding program, saying Salam to the people you only see at weddings, funerals and Eid.Signing guest books. Playing with your napkin. Taking pictures with the bride and groom. Hear speeches by friends and family crying and saying goodbye.By the way, why do you say goodbye? They're not dying, they're just getting married. Watching his and her PowerPoint presentations. Once again, Who came up with this idea?Do you remember when you were a kid and your friends would come over? Your parents would take out your baby pictures and they would show it to them. And you would sit there and they would laugh at you. And you'd have to put on that fake smile.You know what smile I'm talking about.Imagine that, but times 10. This time, you're in a suit, sitting in the spotlight, on stage, at your wedding, and all those pictures that you thought you burned are now back, on the big screen, on a wall size projector, and everyone's looking at it and laughing. HAHAHAEveryone and their momma are laughing at you, and you can't do anything about it. But there is an alternative. Try this. Google the web to find inexpensive wedding invitations. Wow I can really save some money. How about having your wedding at the best location, The Masjid!You'll save a group of money, and what honor is better than getting married at Allah subhana wa taala's house?You can set the time between salah times if you want, let's say maghrib to Isha.That way, people get there on time. Can you imagine the reward of bringing 100 people to the masjid to pray 2 salats. That is what I'm talking about man!Contact your local halal restaurant and ask them for a deal. You know how they say..... Hook it up. So give me a good deal. eih... I love it I love it (kissing sound).And finally and most importantly, make doaa to subhana wa taala and make it pure intentions. Because if you do it only for the sake of subhana wa taala, your reward is with him. And if you do it for the people, your reward is with them. And if you don't do it for subhana wa taala, you're getting ripped off. RIPPED OFF!$25,000 ripped off. And even if you're trying to save money, you're still getting ripped off. Anyway, the whole thing shouldn't cost you more than a couple thousand dollars. So with all the money you saved, you and your wife canstart traveling, be debt free, maybe even have enough money to go to hajj, together!That's what I'm talking about. Start off your marriage on the right foot. Do you know what I'm saying?Do you know what I'm saying?This is Ali reminding you just in case you forgot!This is Ali reminding you just in case you forgot!Yeah!!

russian translation

Asalamu aleikum!

i'd like to translate The reminder videos into russian and i decided to start with "why Islam" and then the others one by one inshaallah.
so,it would be nice to get a script from u
Many thanks

with sister love and respect
Katya Gul

Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim,

Assalamu aleikom,

Alhamdulillah i am translating into Romanian the scripts and i would like to know if there is someone else translating in this language.

Untill now, alhamdulillah i translated Muslims at Jummah, Culture versus Islam, Fisibilillah Discount, How did you converted to Islam and I am still working at Muslims during salat.

I would like to thank brother Wiendietry for uploading the scripts and to everyone else who also uploaded the scripts.

And I would like to congratulate everyone for the beautiful work they are doing. May Allah reward you!

If you have any other scripts in english language, please tell me because it will be much easier for me to translate it. Thank you!

Assalamu Aleikom!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Seasonal Muslims

Esselamu Aleykum We Rahmetullahi We Berekatuhu,

my intention is inshaAllah to translate the video "Seasonal Muslims" into Bosnian.

Turkish translation ..

S.A. ,
I want to translate the subtitles English to Turkish and ı decided to begin with "Muslim while Flying" (I dont know whether its done or not) . Then ı hope ı can translate the others one by one...
I have already done some of it but ı want to check again..If you send it to me ı would be glad ..thanks

Need script (english) for " $25000 Muslim Weddings " subtitling


I intend to place the english subtitles for the video "$25000 Muslim Weddings" , Insha Allah.
I am not aware of where the script for this is.
Can one of you please pass on the script to me?

Its my first post to the reminder videos blog, so i am not in sync with all the details which might have already posted on this blog. Please help me out.