Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Help needed

Assalamu `alaikom

When I try to do embed subtitles with DivxLand Media Subtitler it's giving me a "VirtualDub Error" : can't open script file. Can someone help, please?

Can someone send the scripts as well?

Jazakom ullah kol kheir


Abu Yaqob said...

Asalam alaikum,

Have you tried Subtitle Workshop. You can email khgsm2003@yahoo.com He uses this software, I can send you link in Arabic Tutorial.


Insha'Allah this will help. Jazake Allah.

Wa salam alaikum

She's Growing. said...
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Mission Elysium. said...

Are you brother Yusuf from ISNA? If so, my name is Saifa and we had a long conversation during at your booth about different things. I would really love for you to email those things that you said you would. I'll give you my email again, jazakullah khair for everything.

Abu Yaqob said...

Asalam alaikum Sis,

Yes alhamdulilah I remember, please forgive me for not getting back with you. I just got back from Chicago and I am busy taking care of my family. Please give me at least end of this week to write to you or sending you some resources regarding the issues we discussed insha’Allah. I do have your email. Jazake Allah wa salam alaikum

My email is:


Anzoria said...

Yes, yes! I have the same problem! And the weirdest thing is that this script file exists! But programm just can't see it? can somebody tell me how to solve this problem???

anzoria said...

Assalamu alaikum, dear bro!
I solved this problem another way. After writing subtitles in DivxLand Media Subtitler, I save them and just record video with subs in another programm ( called FRaP). I can send it on your e-mail, if you want.
UasSalamu Alauikum!

umut said...

Asalam alaikum,
How can I embed subtitles to a video via media subtitler or subtitler workshop? :( ı made the subtitles but ı couldn't add them to the video :(
If you help me I'll be very glad ..Thanks from now on ...

latifa said...
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