Sunday, September 16, 2007

Dar Al-Tarjama volunteered to help

Asalam alaikum everyone and Ramadan Mubarak,

Daral Tarjama is volunteering to help us with the scripts. I am sending them all your works so they can re-check them & translate them to others languages,insha'Allah. You’re most welcome to continue with subtitling and translating. I want to thank each one of you for aiding us with this project. Jazakum Allah.


Your Sister In Islam said...

MashaAllah.. I'll help if you need anything in Arabic...

Abu Yaqob said...

Asalam alaikum,

Jazake Allah, sister. I'll let you insha'Allah.

your bro in Islam

Anonymous said...

salaam alaikum,

i love what you guys are doing! The profits are not for personal gain, right? They just go into making more films?

if you need help translating anything from English into French or Spanish, I can translate for free. Just let me know on here or contact me at: I realllly wanted to be in your movie, but I don't live in LA. Good luck with that though!!

take care :)


Abu Yaqob said...

Asalam alaikum Sis,

Insha'Allah I'll email you soon.

My Krazy And Frazzled Life said...

Thats not Hijab in the reminder videos is a dead link. Can you fix that?

CresceNet said...

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Laila Hussein said...

This is a great work you are doing here guys! Keep up your great work and I would love to help..

gumus said...

al salamo alikom my name is noor , i want to offer my help. i study english and italian language and i would like to transelate some progects if u like . if u write me back determining what kind of argoments i can transelate as a start, i would be so gratefull.
my email is

Anonymous said...

Assalamu `alaikom,
Are Ummah Films still being translated?

How can we help with Dar Al-Tarjama? Or do we just continue on our own?

Is there a way to have all the videos on one account on YouTube so they're easy to find?

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