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Distractions during Salaat

SA everyone,
just completed the "Distractions during Salaat" script. Anyone willing to subtitle it?
God Bless

[Ali] 30, 000 views? 30, 000 views?!
That’s crazy, huh?
Are all these people actually tuning in and watching a simple show like this?
I mean, it’s just me. Sitting in a chair. With a camera. And talking about the stuff that’s going through my head. But people seem to be watching. Are all you people seriously watching? *chuckle*
Some people are even laughing. *laugh* Not that much! *light chuckle* Ok that’s better. Seriously, I don’t know why people think I’m a comedian. Just for the record, I’m not a comedian, I’m not an actor. I’m just a brother with a video camera talking about random stuff.
But if I was a comedian, I wonder what that would be like….hmm…what if…

*daydreams standing in front of a huge audience at a comedy stand*
*in a Middle Eastern accent*
Thank you thank you! Thank you very much! My name is Ali. I’m here to make you laugh. HA HA HA, Ho Ho HO! Yes, thank you thank you…
*end day dream*

Nah….As you can see, I’m not a comedian. I’m just another random brother that you see in a crowd of Muslims. Talking about stuff that many of us think about, but we don’t necessarily talk about. I guess that’s what comedians do…I guess that’s why people laugh. Yeah...

But these video blogs do have points. I like to call them reminders. All joking aside, I’m not trying to be funny. I’m just trying to add a little bit of entertainment, so viewers like you would watch. Alhamdulillah, it seems to be working! Because being funny is hard! Laugh! Come on, laugh! You see, it doesn’t work!
Sometimes, you have to be serious.
[Ali as audience] I don’t like it when you’re serious.
[Ali] Well, if I’m always joking around, no one will take me seriously.
[Ali as audience] Fine, ok.
[Ali] Anyways, this whole video blog was just an experiment. It was never meant to be a weekly show.
[Ali as audience] But it’s a weekly show, right?
[Ali] Well, kind of. There’s only 10 episodes. And this is the six of the ten, Which means that there’s about 4 more left.
[Ali as audience member] Haha, what?
[Ali] Yeah. 4 more left. After that, I’m going to be taking a break for a while. I have other stuff to do!
[Audience member Ali] What?!
[Ali] I can’t do this every week! These things take time to do.
[Audience] Oh, come on!
[Ali] I’m serious. It’s going to take time to do. You know what? How about YOU try it?
[Audience] What do you mean I try it?
[Ali] All these people are watching. How about you guys put the material together and I’ll do a show.
[Audience] Are you serious?
[Ali] Yeah! We’ll do a show based on what you guys think. The audience have so many different suggestions in the comments (yes, I read them). I’m sure we can come up with something good. You guys put the content together, I’ll do the show, I have the camera, I have everything, we can do it. We’ll broadcast it on Youtube, we’ll broadcast it on Ummahfilms, and then we’ll go there and you can get your comments from everyone.
[Audience] You’re serious, aren’t you?
[Ali] Yeah, I’m serious!
[Audience] rubs chin hmmm…ok, we’ll do it!
[Ali] So if you have it down to put a show together, put your comments in the comment section.
Enough talk; let’s get to this week’s show!
Will you please roll the tape?
That’s just me talking to myself-there’s no one here. There’s not even a cameraman. Ok, roll it!
(Video intro Ummah films)

[Ali] One of my favorite parts of Ramadan is Shaytan’s M.I.A during that month.
[Side] M.I.A means “Missing in Action”.
Well for the rest of the year, we have to listen to his whispering. Especially during the salaat. HOW ANNOYING IS THAT?!
Shaytan sucks! Big time!

When Adam was created, Shaytan was the only one that wouldn’t bow down. Out of arrogance, he disobeyed Allah. What a loser. Out of jealousy, his goals are to make you go astray so you don’t make it to paradise. You know, Shaytan is like the first Hater. And that’s why he’s always trying to play mind games with you. Doing whatever he can to take you away from the straight path. Trying to distract you. It’s like as soon as you say “Allah-o-Akbar!” the whispering begins. He’ll try to make you remember things you couldn’t remember for the life of you ten seconds ago. But suddenly now you remember where your keys are! Phone numbers that you thought you forgot! The funny things that happened to you throughout the day. All of the stuff you have to do right after salaat. He even tries to give you doubt if you have wudhu or not. So you spend the rest of the time trying to think about “do I have wudhu” or “do I not have wudhu?” And the next thing you know, your salaat is over. As soon as you say “Asalaamalaykum warahmatullah”, “asalaamalaykum”, the whispering stops.


You know, in this life, all you see, touch, taste, hear, is dunya. So it is very easy to forget about what is important, which is the Hereafter, and what is less important, which is this dunya. This dunya is only temporary, but the Hereafter is forever. So, one of the most important things that we must stick with, no matter what, is the salaat: the five daily prayers. It is a reminder for all of us and we need to be reminded five times a day on what is important, and what is not. So during the salaat, we struggle with Shaytan. But sometimes, the person praying next to us can also distract us as well.

So here are the tips: This is the tip section (you know what I’m saying?!)
[Audience] This is gonna be funny, huh?
[Ali] Uh, I don’t know. We’ll see.
Here are some random distractions that may happen to you during salaat.
-Children running around while you are trying to pray.
-Children climbing your back during the salaat.
..Wait a second? Is this kid for real? How old is this little girl? Two?! Two?! She does let go at some point, right? Right?
-The person praying next to you is playing “keep away” with his toes. Foot-to-foot, shoulder-to-shoulder. What’s so hard, bro? Why do some brothers play “keep away” with their toes? I don’t understand. After a while, it looks like he’s doing the splits. Is there something wrong with this picture? Or is it just me?
-Praying next to a loud whisperer.
[whispers Surah al-Fatiha very loudly] You know, the Surah for Zuhr and Asr, you’re supposed to pray silently. But some people, they don’t pray that silently. Have you ever prayed next to that loud whisperer? Yes, LOUD whisperer. [Whispers loudly] If you’re whispering out loud, you’re not whispering any more!
[Continues whispering loudly]
-Smelling bad breath. Here’s a tip: if you like eating onion and garlic sandwiches, most likely you’re going to have bad breath. You may not be able to smell it, but the guy next to you does. And that goes for all the chain smokers, too. By the way, I love the smell of atr, I use it myself. But some brothers, they use A LOT of atr. I mean a lot. THIS is normal atr: [dabs gently]. THIS is a lot of atr: [dumps entire bottle]
You know what I’m saying?! And sometimes, when you have too much atr on, it can be very distracting for the person who’s praying next to you.
-Praying next to someone who’s constantly moving. Have you ever prayed next to someone who’s always moving? I mean, CONSTANTLY moving during the salaat? THAT can be very distracting too.
-Getting knocked down during a “head-to-butt” collision. If you’ve ever been inside of a small masjid, and there’s a lot of people there, sometimes the lines get really close together. And if you’re not careful, there can be a collision. *chuckles* I call it the “head-to-butt” collision. [Features clip]

This is Ali reminding you just in case you forgot.
This is Ali reminding you just in case you forgot.

[Back to comedian daydream]
And you ask people “te-rick or te-reet”. Vat is this “te-rick”, and vat is “tereet” I don’t know. And everybody ask me question, what is “te-rick, what is te-reet, I don’t know! Do you know what is trick or treat is? All they do is say “trick or treat”, and sometimes, instead of giving you an answer, they put candy in your bag.
[Audience laughs]


Taking a break for a while

Assalamualaikum bro sis
I'm gonna take a break for a week or two insya Allah (hopefully not more than that)
I have to prepare for some administrative stuffs to enter univ (again D'oh!), so I apologize if cannot help to my best during that period. Wish me luck bro sis.


Nice new template brother Yusuf, it's look more clear and neat,
And also Alhamdulillah now that the blog has been confirmed by blosgpot that it's not a spam blog, we can publish our post again.

Just Uploaded (link to youtube fixed)

New subtitled video :
Indonesian - How did you convert to Islam (sesion 1 finale)
German - Distractions during shalat (season 1 vlog#6)

Salam alykum wa rahmatuallah wa barakatu. Insha Allah all are well. Subhan Allah, when you see the length of the scripts it brings home the mercy of being able to communicate verbally and the impact it can have. Jazak Allah khair to all for your continued efforts. Laurie-Anne =]

Parent negotiations

Salaam. I am checking somebody else's script and subtitling the video; parent negotiations. Just so nobody does the same one!

Update German translations

Salam alaikom!

Can someone update the "videos in German" to avoid double translations, please? We have six videos translated on youtube: Muslim characters at work, finding a spouse online, funny things at jummah, $25,000 wedding, Muslim while flying and distractions during salat.
How about translating the titles also on youtube?

salam from germany

I did the script for why islam and I'd like someone to double check it for me and tell me what to do next, I don't really know. Also, when I pasted it, it came across as all joined but I did have it on separate lines.

I think Islam is the most misunderstood religion in the world.Not just by non-Muslims, but by Muslims as well.Mainly, non-Muslims information on Islam is based on what they see on television and in the movies.And many Muslims are born into this religion without anyone really explaining it to them.And unfortunately their actions and their behavior reflect their lack of understanding.And finally you have people who twist the verses of the Qur'an in order to spread their hate.The end result is a lot of confused people and a lot of confusion about what Islam really teaches.I get so many emails from viewers asking me why I became Muslim.So instead of answering it via email, I decided to make a video.So for the season finale, I'm going to take a break from my normal comical view of explaining things with the hope of clearing up some of the confusion with this video.I grew up here in America and like most Americans, I knew very little if anything about Islam.And the very few Muslims that I did come across, they didn't practice.So since their actions were just like everyone else’s, I really had no interest in asking what they believed in.You see, I wasn't really raised with any religion, and honestly I really didn't care much about any of them.Coming from a science background, you have to convince me intellectually if you want me to change my ways.Otherwise anyone can make up a religion and say it's from God.Each time someone tried to sell me on following their religion, I was given vague answers whenever I asked for evidence.If you want me to give up my desires in this world,then you better come up with something more than "this book is the truth because it says it's the truth".Prove to me that this book is perfect just like the creator, and then I'll follow it.Otherwise, if the book has even one error, it proves it's been written or edited by man.So different people from different religions used to knock on my door,and once the discussions got down to evidencethey had no answers,and that wasn't going to fly with me.And then I discovered Islam.And shortly after I became Muslim.So, Why Islam?You see, I became Muslim before 9-11, before all this propaganda.Today if you watch TV long enough you will believe that this religion is a religion of fanatics,where actions are not based on reason or rationality,but that's not true. But rather, it's the exact opposite.When I started studying Islam, I found it very comprehensive, very practical,in fact, when it comes to discussing the existence of the creator, Islam teaches you to think and reflect,to observe the world around you.Because when you start investigating you realize how complex things are,and through our human experience, we realize that complex things just don't come out of nowhere.If you and I were walking down my street, and we saw the complex buildings and the technology within them,you would never believe me if I told you this all came together by itself.You see, even though you don't see the engineers and the builders, who put this all together,that doesn't mean that they don't exist.Just the evidence if you see something put behind, you know for sure someone had to build it.Not just that, but you can get an idea of the intelligence of the creator just by checking out his creation.The amazing thing is that all the manmade structures are rather simple when you compare it to something as complex as a living organism.Like a fly.If the entire world got together to build something as complex as a fly, and then put life into it,They couldn't do it.And that's just a fly.The point is that we don't see order spontaneously arising out of chaos,but rather our human experience tells us that when we see something working by precise mechanisms,that someone had to put it together.and that someone cannot be a human being.Because we know human beings are imperfect and limited,while the creator of all things is perfect and infinite.So therefore, it can't be an idol or a cow or even a human being.Because how can a creator who is infinite be killed by his creation.How can he die?He can't.So if the creator of all things is perfect, then his book can only be perfect.So when I started investigating and studying different books, the only book that I came to find perfect without error, was the Qur'an.No other book has been memorized cover to cover, verse by verse, in order, by millions of people,that itself is amazing.Have you ever tried memorizing a book cover to cover?Now imagine millions of people doing it. It's not even uncommon to find a person as young as ten years old to do it.And remember, 85% of the Muslims are not even Arab.Now linguistically there's no book that compares to it.Scientifically, there are so many verses on scientific knowledge in the Qur'an that I don't have time to explain in this short video.All I can tell you is fourteen hundred years ago it was impossible for anyone to have this accurate information;especially when some of these things have just been discovered in this past century.And the Qur'an challenges man to write a book like it if he is in doubt that this book is actually from the creator,to prove that this book cannot be written by a human being.So many have tried,all of them have failed,and many of them ended up becoming Muslims.Amazing.Now keep in mind, the meaning of the Qur'an translated into English is not the Qur'an.Since the Qur'an is only in Arabic,any translation is only a mere attempt to translate it.These days, you see people trying to take verses of the Qur'an, twisting them, in order to fool the people.But in reality they are only fooling themselves.Yes, there's going to be people who are going to be like sheep and they won't think,but I've come across many open minded people that once you come with a valid argument, they'll listen, they'll think, they'll reflect,which is one of the reasons I made this video.I'm not here to offend anyone, to attack anyone, or to attack any religions, these are just the ideas that I carry and my perceptions of them.I hope that it makes you think like it makes me think.So let me give you a breakdown of what Islam is really about.So what does Islam really teach? What do Muslims really believe in?Well, first off, delete everything you've heard in the media because most of its nonsense,and all of those people that try to spread hate by copying and pasting texts out of context, those people have no idea what they're talking about.I'm going to give you a breakdown from a Muslim about what we Muslims believe in.Islam teaches that there is only one God and that he has no partners.He is the same God of Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Mohamed, sallah allahu wa alehi wa sallem.That we are here to worship our creator in all our actions,which is the meaning of the word Muslim,one who submits to God.We should pray at a minimum of five times a day,fast the entire month of Ramadan,we give 2.5% of our excess wealth for zakat which helps the needy,and if possible we are required to make pilgrimage to Mecca to do hajj.During that pilgrimage you'll realize there's no difference between rich and poor as everyone is dressed the same.Islam is also color blind, so there is no race, color, or culture that makes one superior over another.There is no clergy, and there's no one between you and your creator.As long as your parents don't tell you to do something conflicting with Islam, you must obey them, as it is a great sin not to do so.Women must also be honored and respected.Neighbors should be treated kindly,And even animals have their rights in Islam and should be treated properly.And there's a great reward for those who help the poor, the widows and the orphans.You see, this life is nothing but a test,and not even Muslims have a free ticket to paradise.Each person will be judged for their intentions and their actions,so it benefits you if you do good and stay away from evil.Now all this stuff I've been talking to you about may be very different that what you've seen or heard about Muslims.Maybe that's because of the actions of some of the Muslims out there.Some who are just Muslim by name,representing Islam,and if we compare their actions to what Islam really teaches,you'll notice that it has nothing to do with each other.Alhamdulillah Allah showed me Islam before he showed me the Muslims.If you really want to see what Islam's about, look into what it teaches,instead of basing your opinions on the actions of those who are misguided and only claim the religion.Sometimes you hear a so-called Muslim leader talking nonsense,but those who are knowledgeable Muslims know that his words have nothing to do with the teachings of Islam.It's just nonsense packaged with the label of Islam on it.That might work for the people who don't think,but for those who do think, they can investigate on their own to see what Islam really teaches.Five to eight million Muslims live right here in the United States.If Islam really taught violence, then ask yourself, Where is the violence?For the majority of the Muslims, you don't see such actions, and for those who try to promote these thoughts are those who are trying to take the verses out of context to server their own purpose.So, all that "kill all the infidels" stuff is nonsense. Because if it was true, how could the Jews and Christians live generation after generation for fourteen hundred years in the Middle East?And they still live in the Middle East.Think about it.Think about it.I did.And that's when I stopped taking opinions of others and started investigating on my own, and I discovered the greatest gift in life;The gift of Islam.This is Ali reminding you just in case you forgot.This is Ali reminding you just in case you forgot.I would like to hear your comments, and your rating of this video insha allah,so after the video is complete, make sure you rate and make sure you comment, so we can hear your feedback.Jazek Allah Khier.

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Need help with Subtitling and Translation

Asalam alaikum everyone,

I want to thank Allah then all of you for your great efforts in helping us with this project. You all are doing an excellent job. We are almost done. Our next step will be to double check the scripts and do the subtitling & translation through some software. To get the script contact info@ummahfilms.com

Here are some of my suggestions that you can choose from & if you have another idea please feel free to share:

1. Double check the script.
2. Double check the script and subtitle.
3. Translate the script .
4. Translate the script and subtitle.

Try DivXLand Media Subtitler

Click Here

For Mac you can use Final Cut Pro

Click Here

You can also check Subtitle Workshop

Subtitle Workshop

Jazakum Allah

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Whats next?

ASA All,

I only just got invited to this blog and it seems that alot of ground has been covered. I can make english subtitles for the videos remaining. What is left to be done, so I dont do a vid someone else has taken care of.



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Assalamu aleikom rahmatullah wa barakatu,

Alhamdulillah, i was checking the script that yaQaim posted, and Insha Allah i have something that i don't understand, i watched the video also

Sometimes it feels like I’m in a mid century bizarre

Just uploaded

New subtitled video :
Indonesian - How did you convert to Islam (sesion 1 finale)
German - Distractions during shalat (season 1 vlog#6)

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script for Malay subtitle of "Funny Things at Jummah". translated and timed. I'll encode later, but if anyone care to encode it...tafaddhal :)


Assalamu aleikom rahmatullah wa barakatu, i am new here so i will just wait for the new instructions insha Allah :) anyway, for the beggining i would like to congratulate everyone for the beautiful work that they are doing alhamdulillah!

French version of Vlog#10 "How did you convert to Islam?" can be accessed here
Thx to Salah (biesseter[at]gmail.com) for the subtitle script.
Now I'm working on the german version of distractions during shalat, the subtitle provided by sister Amira.

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Brothers and Sisters could you please for our own convenience provide an email so people working on the same language can co-ordinate.. this is how:
-Click on your username on the right hand panel (if you don't have one contact Abu Yaqob he can put you on there)
-Click 'edit my profile' in the top left corner (note you have to be logged in to blogger to edit)
-Type in your email preferably in the MESSAGING field (if you type it in the email field a link is provided but it is not visible in written form.. which is annoying!)

This should help us to coordinate our efforts isA

2 - Message to Abu Yaqob
Thanks very much for your effort I now have everything I need - you should reward yourself; get yourself a nice meal or something ;)

3 - Anybody who wants to help translate into arabic
My email is moemin05@gmail.com please get in touch - right now I'm aware of Mimz, salah and Gkhorma_Arabic (please add the first two on the right hand side Abu Yaqob when you finish your meal) - I'm working on /uf Vlog #1 funny things at jum3ah/ I might send you guys some translations to check so please send me ur emails

Oh and if anybody wants me to subtitle in english I'm here let me know
until I hear from you guys I'm gonna stay concentrated on Arabic isA

Salam Alekom all & belTawfiq

Assalamu alaikum everyone
ok basically ive just sat infront of my computer watching an ummah films video and writing up what Ali was saying (can someone please check for mistakes? Jazakallah)
and here it is:

The Fisibilillah Discount

Why is it just because it’s a Muslim product it’s more expensive?
Uuh, I dunno
Example, when was the last time you saw Halal meat cheaper than non Halal meat?
Hey, skip that, when was the last time you saw Halal meat at a competitive price?
At a decent price?
(shaking head)
Ok, skip the meat, what about the Islamic products you see at the conferences?
Why are they so expensive?
You would think that because it’s da’wah related, it would be sold at a good price with good quality
But sometimes brother will try and sell it to you at a high price and at cheap quality
What’s up with the hat?
“O brother, it’s from back home”
You know where all the major cooperations make their products:
So save your excuses bro.
At the price of some of these Islamic products,
It’s like comparing a supermarket to a convenient store
“Excuse me, how much is this book?”
“Fifty dollars”
(Laughing) “No, seriously!”
“Fifty dollars”
“For a book?”
“Fifty dollars!”
“For a BOOK?! Are you kidding me? Are you KIDDING ME?!”
You know what’s worse than buying a fifty dollar book?
Having a guy walk up next to you and buy the same book for half the price
You know what I’m saying? No seriously, do you know what I’m saying?!
“Excuse me, how much is this book?”
“Fifty dollars”
“For me Habibi, for me, how much is this book for me?”
“Alright, twenty five dollars”
“Shokran habibi, shokran”
Wait wait wait wait! What just happened here?! I just bought the same book, for fifty dollars!
What happened to “Fifty dollars!”
Hello? Where everyone go?
Is it a fifty dollar price and start negotiating price?
How about putting two different price tags on the product?
One for those who have ten minutes to practice their negotiating skills, and one for the rest of us who have like ten minutes to get to the next lecture
You know what I’m saying?
Yeah, I know what your saying
You know what I’m saying?!”
Yeah! I know what your saying!
Right before I started these video blogs, I invented a game called mecca to medina
But it hasn’t always been easy selling the game
Sometimes it feels like I’m in a mid century bizarre
Where everyone thinks everything’s negotiable
I’m selling games here, not used cars!
Unfortunately, sometimes it’s easier selling the game to non Muslims than to Muslims!That’s because when a non Muslim wants to buy the game, they say, “Hey , I like the game, I want to buy it!”
But when Muslims want to buy the game, they’ll say, “I like the game, let’s play let’s make a deal!”
“What is this game?”
It’s called mecca to medina
“Humph! What is game about?”
It’s a game about collecting resources and building trade arounds between the cities
“What type of game?”
It’s actually really fun: It’s a negotiating game
“I take special discount
You misunderstood. This is not a negotiating game, this (mecca to medina) is a negotiating game
“How much is game? How much is game?”
It’s normally twenty five dollars but at this conference we’re selling it for twenty dollars
“Ok, I buy half price”
Sorry bro but-
“You know, I am Muslim”
People have this idea that because their Muslim their entitled to some kind of special discount, like a senior citizen in a lunch bouffet
“Ok, ok, Fisibilillah brother, fisibilillah
Now he’s throwing the fisibilillah at me. Fisibilillah means for the sake of Allah, but in this situation, this guy’s trying to get free stuff, FREE STUFF!”
Now if your poor, and you don’t have the means of buying the game, and you really like the game, I’ll give you the game for free.
But some Muslims take advantage of the generosity of their brothers, and they try and get free stuff out of it.
But bro you have two big bags of gifts in your hands and your swinging brand new BMW keys on your key chain!
So let me think about it, NO!
This is the part he walks away and then slowly turns around to make eye contact with me.
I guess he’s expecting me to say: “O no brother, come back, come back, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, no no no no”
But I don’t
Instead I just smile and wave
Usually when I end up dealing with people like this, they end up coming back and buying the game later anyway
As a Muslim business man, I try to sell good quality products and at a fair price
If you have a good product and at a fair price,
People will buy it
Both Muslims and non Muslims buy the game and they enjoy it
You see, the whole “O brother, please give me a discount” thing, is nothing new
The thing that really gets to me is that they try to take advantage of you just because just because you’re a Muslim brother
And I see it happen so many times
Especially when it comes down to a service, which requires labour
The brother that normally charges $1000 for the service, you ask him to it for 500 bux
Then you tell him that you don’t have enough money so you have pay in payments
So you give him the 1st month’s payment, of $100
Unfortunately for him, your first month is also your last month of payments
Because you don’t stick with your agreement to pay him back monthly
“O I have bills!”
The guy has bills too!
Months go by and he’s completed all the work for you and he’s only got 100 bux
Other things come up in your life and your like “O, he’s my Muslim brother, he’ll understand, I’ll pay him back later”
Hello, the poor guy has bills too!
1000 bux, you cut it down to 500. 500 you cut it down to 100. The $100 is the 1st payment, the last payment
He doesn’t receive more money
“O, come do business with me!”
Hey I do business with you no more man!

This doesn’t happen once, it happens all the time
The funny thing is that they don’t pull the same stuff with non Muslims
They wouldn’t negotiate the price, they would just pay them a $1000 up front
And it’s a done deal
Don’t think you’re off the hook just because you ask for Allah (sbt)’s forgiveness
Because if you do someone wrong,
You have to ask for their’ forgiveness too
Otherwise they can hold you accountable on the day of judgement
Often, when I buy products from Muslims, I shy away from negotiating
Because I want to support the people who are doing things the right way
Be that a good service or a good product
You see, we can’t sit here and complain about the lack of Islamic products out there,
If we don’t support the ones who are making them for us
We don’t negotiate with the cashier at the supermarket,
So why do you think we can negotiate with our brothers and sisters in Islam
Finally, since we’re talking about business, let me throw this one out:
In Islam, you’re supposed to pay your worker before your sweat dries
Which basically means pay them ASAP…As Soon As Possible!
Some people don’t get it though
“Ali just finished his job here, should I pay him?”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah hold on, hold on… No no no! He is a good practicing brother. We’ll pay him later… Yeah, uh, go ahead, what? Hehehehe”
We’re supposed to be examples here
Why is it that we throw Islam out the window when it comes to business?
Is it the fitnah of money?
Money’s nothing more than a trial
A test
Business is something that causes interaction with people from different backgrounds.
No matter what religion they come from
And an honest businessman is someone who stands out
As Muslims we want to stand out by being the best of character
By being the best of business people
The Prophet’s (s.a.w.) character really stood out, especially when he dealt with business
Let me remind you, the way he dealt with Khadijah’s business transactions, made him stand out
She asked him to marry her
Islam teaches us to be the best of business people
By dealing honestly and justly
By following Qur’an and Sunnah in everything we do, including business
As a reminder to everyone, our rizq is set
So you won’t get one more penny from doing things unislamically
Like all the reminder videos, I speak to myself before I speak to anyone else
This is Ali reminding you just in case you forgot
This is Ali reminding you just in case you forgot

Al-salamu alaikom,

Who's subtitling in Arabic? I'd like to help.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Asalam alaikum everyone,
The scripts will be re-written Insha’Allah. Jazakum Allah

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Assalamualaikum bro sis,
I'm sorry that apparently I've been so busy that I cannot finish the subtitling guide last month. And then I think it would be easier and far more simple for some people with no experience in this geeky stuff to just simply translate a synchronized subtitle file and then let someone else do the rest than learn to do everything from downloading to uploading the video to youtube.
So here is my proposal for translators that have difficulties in video subtitling but still have times to translate a subtitle file.
1. Download any of these shyncronized subtitle files :
2. Open them with your text editor
3. Change the text to any language
4. Send them back to me at wiendietry[at]gmail.com
5. I'll do the rest (process the file and upload the video to youtube)

Thx, and if you have other video synchronized filesubtitle script, pls share it.



Assalam Aleikoum

does anyone have the scripts? Please send them to me also, via my blog
many thanks


Thursday, July 05, 2007

Asalam alaikum everyone,

I got the links, I am sending them now via email. Jazakum Allah.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Asalam alaikum,

That was a great site (vixy.net) for converting files! The softwares was on the 1st post in this blog here you can check it out:


I am waiting on Brother Ali's links for all the videos. I only have 9 links for videos so far. He is so busy that he didn’t have time to finish the links for all the videos. But if you want to use the vixy.net go a head please. Couple a weeks ago I sent most of the scripts to everyone, except for 4 videos. Did you all get them? I can send them again. Please let me know you who didn’t get them yet. I am still working on the links for videos, because it has the same original quality when Ummahfilms uploaded to the video sites. Jazakum Alalh for all your efforts. Wa salam alaikum.

Asalam Alaykum,
I just downloaded the video Seasonal Muslims, can I have the script of that so I can subtitle it easyer?

Salam Aleykom all

I'm a newbie here and I hope I can be of help to you all

OK to the point - I have a suggestion and two questions

Instead of downloading the videos from youtube as .flv files, this website lets you download the videos directly as .mov or .avi files by converting them online:


Where can I get the subtitling software you use? I can't seem to find it anywhere on this blog.

I can't seem to find any contact details for gkhorma_arabic - please could that person let me know what they've translated already/ what they'd like me to do (since I will also translate into arabic i.s.A.

Jazaakomollahu Khair